A healthy spine will naturally have an outward curve at the top, however a curve of more than 60 degrees is considered to be a sign of Kyphosis or “The Hump”. Individuals appear to have a much more rounded top of the spine than normal.

If the spine bends abnormally to the left or right this is a condition called scoliosis. Some people find that the condition does not prevent them from leading a normal life and they can carry on with everyday tasks. However, in some cases the condition can develop and become severe, posing serious health risks for the individual. Spine, chest, pelvic and internal organ damage can occur if it is left untreated.

Forward heard posture refers to a condition where a person’s head is positioned in front of their shoulders, rather than directly above. Due to the changes in our modern day lifestyles this condition has seen a recent increase in cases, primarily due to poor posture when using computers, mobile phones, tablets and laptops in and out of work.

The first stage with any chiropractic treatment is a thorough examination of your condition; once you are happy with the diagnosis and all aspects of the proposed treatment plan we will begin to realign your spine into the correct position. Relaxing the muscles that have been affected through gentle and targeted manipulations will help relieve much of the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. Importantly we will then advise you on the correct neck and shoulder posture and the type of exercises that will help to prevent you from adopting weak postural conditions in the future.


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