Chiropractic Treatment for Children

As a child grows up, there is much that can affect the developing skeletal system i.e. the stresses of carrying heavy school bags, sitting at desks, sitting in front of computers, plus any sporting bumps or injuries can result in the tightening of muscles in the neck or back which can cause the spine to lose its normal motion and position.

Chiropractic treatment is always adapted to meet the needs of individual patients, this especially so in the case of children. Following an examination and full assessment of your child to determine whether spinal motion is normal, you will be given an opinion on any conditions and then options for treatment can be discussed.

If treatment is needed it is gentle and safe. Chiropractic is a form of treatment that does not use drugs which can be an important consideration when looking to treat children. The treatment on babies (up to a year) is especially gentle and no more than the pressure you would place on your eyeball. There are also no audible “clicks” with babies.

Treatments for growing pains, knee pain, back pains and headaches may be part of your Child's care.


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