Neck Pain Treatment

The approach of our Chiropractors, when presented with neck pain, is to try and find the underlying cause. The neck contains all of the smaller spinal joints and the muscles that control movement of the head, which means that there are many vertebrae and soft tissue elements packed into a relatively small area.

Our Chiropractors will examine the neck to find damaged joints or areas where nerves may have become irritated. The neck pain treatment will normally take the form of a range of chiropractic adjustments and specific massage techniques designed to help improve the movement and position of the spinal vertebrae. This treatment is normally painless.

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain involves a combination of adjustments and specific muscle relaxation techniques. The results can normally be seen after just a few treatments with improved mobility of the neck and reduction in pain. If your neck condition has developed over time or the pain has come from an incident that involved a sudden movement of the head and neck, we can help.

Neck problems that we regularly treat are stiff necks, whiplash, neck strain, twisted necks and locked necks.


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