Joint and Muscle Pain

Your Chiropractor has a full understanding of the working of every joint in the body and the muscles that surround them. During an examination he/she will try to establish whether the pain that you are experiencing in a joint i.e. elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle or muscle may, in fact, emanate from your spine or another joint or group of muscles - often the irritation of the nerve in one area can lead to pain in other parts of the body.

Treatment will often begin with gentle manipulation of the affected area to free stiff joints and massage the surrounding soft tissue. Your Chiropractor may also use stretching techniques and give you specific exercises to stretch tight muscles to improve flexibility and help strengthen weak muscles. If a spinal component is found to affect the problem, then specific manipulation of the vertebrae will be performed in order to help reduce pain and muscle spasm caused by the injury or problem.

Joint & Muscle related problems such as knee pain, muscle spasm and cramps, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, trapped nerves, Osteoarthritis, neck and back pain.


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