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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Chiropractic The Right Treatment For Me?

To decide if Chiropractic is for you, we offer a FREE 15 Minute Chiropractic Check. A male or female Doctor of Chiropractic will be available with whom you can discuss your concerns and what treatment you may need. It would be useful if you could bring with you any medical history including any notes of falls or accidents that may be relevant.

The Chiropractor will take a detailed medical history - please bring with you any x-rays, if you have them, and a list of current medication. The Chiropractor will perform an examination that focuses on how your joints, muscles and nerves are functioning individually and together. This can involve undressing down to your underwear in private, a gown is provided. At all times your privacy and dignity will be respected. Following the examination, a Chiropractic care plan will be discussed. The first consultation takes, on average, around 1 hour. For more details about your first visit you can view our video -

When carried out correctly by a qualified practitioner, the manipulation involved in the treatment is not painful. In some cases when you have had a problem for some time, you may feel some soreness after treatment whilst your body starts to adjust itself.

FEES September 2021

First visit - Consultation / Examination / Treatment: £48.50

Subsequent visits - Treatment per visit: £40.00

Treatment per visit plus PAMM: £42.00

Treatment per visit (Under 16’s): £30.00

Reassessment - (over 1 year): £42.00

Reassessment - (over 10 years): £48.50

PPE charge: £3.00

X-Rays (1): £49.50

X-Rays (2): £59.50

X-Rays (3): £69.50

X-Rays (4): £79.50

Ultrasound/PAMM only: £30.00

Medical Reports from: £35.00

Failed appointments without 24 hours’ notice: £20.00

Fees are correct at time of publishing however they may change due to unforseen circumstances,
please ask at the time of booking your appointments about what fees are applicable at the time.

When the two surfaces of a joint are moved apart rapidly, as happens in a Chiropractic adjustment, there is a change of pressure within the joint space. This may cause a bubble of gas to 'pop' but rest assured, this does not hurt.

As with any form of medical treatment there are possible risks, however Chiropractic is considered to be safe and Chiropractic Health Centres Limited have an outstanding safety record. All Chiropractors must be registered with the government statutory regulatory body, the General Chiropractic Council.

Treatment sessions will last between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the condition and treatment that you need. Please consult with your Chiropractic practitioner with regard to your Chiropractic care plan.

Acute, recent conditions often respond to treatment very quickly whilst long-standing or chronic conditions may need up to 6 - 12 treatments or more. The average number of treatments is 7 visits; less if a condition is treated early. Your Chiropractor may recommend periodic check-ups to maintain improvement and prevent recurrences.

Increasingly, GPs recognise Chiropractic as an effective complementary treatment, particularly for back pain. You do not need a GP's referral to visit a Chiropractor. NICE guidelines recommend Chiropractic treatment for back conditions.

Many health insurance companies will now pay for Chiropractic treatment - please check before your appointment.