Dr Garrod Dexascan Chiropractic Centre Haverhill

Dexascan Detects and Monitors Osteoporosis

Dexa Scan Operator Dr. Ian Garrod using the G408 Dexa Scan Machine

•pDXA scan (dexascan) for the detection and monitoring of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

•A two-minute test detects the first signs of bone weakness and monitor Osteoporosis.

•Your results are seen on a screen, printed and discussed with you at the time.

•The test is non-intrusive (no need to undress) and x-ray exposure is very, very small.

•Regular Sessions in Essex and Suffolk; other locations for groups on request.

Dexascan Services provides a pDEXA bone density scan with written measurement of bone density mass.
Using equipment with a proven record of accuracy and reliability, supported by many years of research.