Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is the most common problem that patients seek help with at our Centres. Back pain affects many people at some point in their life. Should you have symptoms such as aches, tension or stiffness in your back then our experienced Chiropractors can help by locating the cause of the problem and then undertaking back pain treatment and provide advice and exercise for your long term recovery.

Fatigue in the muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine or the pelvis can lead to back pain. This is often brought on through bad posture, tension or lifting heavy weights. A range of manipulation techniques to free stiff joints and remove spinal nerve irritation is generally painless although, in some cases, there may be some short-term discomfort if your back is already very sore.

Back problems that we treat are lower back aches, slipped disk, sciatica, chronic back pain and upper and middle back.